DON'T WORRY... As guidance during this pandemic is updated by the UK government, so will your app!

Ensure COVID-19 Compliance with

Concerned about your business, office, shop, restaurant, or place of works compliance to the Government COVID-19 guidelines?

  • Concerned for the safety & wellbeing of both your staff & customers?
  • Worried about keeping up with Government Guidelines as they are changed and amended?
  • Concerned about the negative impacts of failure to control COVID-19 risks to your brand?
  • Looking for a way to help reduce staff anxiety about coming to work during COVID-19?

PandemicCheck is the solution!

Ensuring compliance to the Governments COVID-19 guidelines is essential. Staff returning to work, as well as customers and contractors returning to your premises need the reassurance that their safety and wellbeing is prioritised.

PandemicCheck is a low cost, easy to use audit and monitoring App that ensures your business stays compliant and protects both your workforce and customers.


PandemicCheck has been designed to give both your staff and customers the confidence,
that all measures have been taken to protect their safety. PandemicCheck covers all industries, as well
as providing industry specific examples of how to implement & ensures compliance to the Government Guidelines.
PandemicCheck monitors and incorporates changes to those guidelines, so you don’t have to!

Whether a small operation with few employees, or a large multi-site operation with an extensive workforce,
achieving and maintaining COVID-19 compliance could not be easier!

How it works

From a simple visual inspection, the app measures, records and prompts you to act on the COVID-19 compliance of your premises, covering:

  • Audit of risk assessment and procedural control
  • Assessment of social distancing, workflow and premises layout controls
  • Personal hygiene controls
  • Sanitation controls
  • Service, customer delivery and visitor controls
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Simplify Compliance

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Built-in system to highlight non-compliance so you can identify areas to improve
  • Reduces need for costly 3rd party audits

Save Time

  • Eliminates need for paper audit documents
  • See results instantly

Easy To Use

  • Simple to set-up and manage
  • Unique hints and tips that include example control methods including photos - to help ensure compliance with regulation and best practice.
  • User friendly system that staff will want to use
  • Currently available on Android via the Google Play store – IOS via the App Store to follow

Reporting Made Easy

  • View and monitor site(s) performance at a click of a button
  • Trend analysis of each location & performance over time
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